Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Bundle Monster Arrived!! :]

So I ordered my plates on the 22nd April, and they arrived yesterday - the 27th! I think I was lucky with delivery, missing the first bank holiday weekend by the time they were in the country.

Rather glad I opted to pay the standard $4.00, instead of the express postage amount that was more than the plates themselves.
Click for a bigger image
Follow the link for more images & a link to a review.

I do have more images, so if you would like to see any particular plate let me know, I tried to upload BM-222 but it didn't work. It has the cutest Gingerbread man design on. So cute it actually has me excited for Christmas!

Overall with the plates i'm so happy. There's so many fun designs that i'm not entirely sure where to start, and although i'm not a "tip" kinda gal. I think i'm gonna start using them. And the new size has made such a difference, I used to keep my nails short when I didn't own any Konad, just so I could have BM designs fit fine, as I struggled with lining up designs, when my nails were longer.

To see a great size review visit The Nailasaurus 

Overall I know what i'm doing with my 4 days off work - Bundle Monster experimenting!!!

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