Sunday, 18 December 2011

Gold Glitter Sponged Tips & Stars

I say stars in the title... But they're not very star like. Originally these were meant to be snowflakes, but I just couldn't achieve this. The idea came when my friend Amy posted an image on my Facebook of gold glitter fade with snowflake decals on. I thought it looked lovely, and I remembered that I had some snowflake stickers somewhere, but when I couldn't find them I settled for trying to do them free hand. Unfortunately doing them freehand meant that they weren't as delicate and perfect as I'd wanted them to be. So I settled for some "stars" made of lines... And the next day I found my Snowflake decals :P

Base Coat: CND - Stickey
Base Colour: Rimmel - French Rose
Golds: Miss Sporty - Gold Backstage & H&M - Wa Wa Woom
Acrylic White Paint
& Glitter From An Old Nail Art Set

A thank you goes to my sister-in-law Martine for lending me this french manicure colour, as I don't own one :]


  1. I nominated you for the Top 10 Award!

  2. I love love love LOVE this mani, how do you do the manis that change from one color to the next? I swear every time I attempted that it looks horrible on me!

  3. Thanks all!

    @Beauty on a college budget: I used a makeup sponge. I ripped off a little bit, dipped it into some polish that I'd placed on a sheet of paper; dab it on the piece of paper to remove excess, then onto your nails at the tip. And just work your way up to 3/4 or the nail, and repeat until the tip's more opaque than the middle of your nail :] I hope that explains it.

  4. Very Festive :-) I like the gold tips. Haven't yet attempted any xmas manis, should start though.

  5. Love it !


  6. This is a really cool design! Who cares that they aren't perfect starts or snowflakes! It's still very cool!

  7. gz to the the Top 10 Award:-)!!

    and this mani is really nice:-)
    i guess i could attempt somet like this. never tried this sponging before

  8. I absolutely love your mani, it's so pretty!

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