Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bourjois 10 Days - No.18 Swatch

I feel like I haven't done anything exciting with my nails in ages, I think doing other peoples nails this week has seriously took it out of me, and even then I didn't get any close up pics (pics will be coming via my cousin's iPhone :P)

So I'm just going to post a couple of swatches until I have something good to show you :]

Today is Bourjois 10 Day nail polish No.18, It's such a gorgeous colour, and it's strange that I haven't used to for any Mani's, even though I have wore it a few times now. To me the colour just screams denim, and it's like no other blue I own at all, mainly due to the shimmer, that is not lost on the nail!

This colour's more vibrant in real life, and a top coat really makes it pop. This is two coats, no top coat. I love this polish but I have issues with the brush, it's angled, long, and the stem of the brush (if that is what it's called..) is at an angle too, so there's not so much control going on. My left hand turns out fine, but my right hand is a nightmare, it's like learning to paint nails all over again ¬_¬

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