Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Blue Gradient, Stars & Snowflakes

I said the other day in this post that I was going to use snowflake nail stickers, but couldn't find them, but then I did find them :P today is a post using those decals. Thinking about it, these decals were bought as part of a Christmas present from my mother, 4 years ago, with my first ever roll of striping tape! I got a lot of nail stickers that time, and got my gingerbread men and candy canes too, best stickers ever!! Recently that striping tape when missing, after it came off the plastic middle it was attached to.. maybe I'll find it next week hehe.

On to the nails :]

Bad photo but I felt like a bottle shot :] L-R: Nubar - 2010 G188, Mac Glitter In White (I Think), Rimmel - Disco Ball, Essence - Speed Of Light Blue
It still makes me LOL every time I read "Just stick on your nail and you will be attractive"
I started with two coats of Rimmel - French Rose, and then sponged on Essence - Speed Of Light Blue, I then added one coat of Rimmel - Disco Ball to the full nail, Nubar - 2010 to half the nail, and pressed in a little loose glitter when it was slightly tacky. When that was dry I used the 5 point single stars, and snowflakes from the pack of Tina stickers. The different types of glitter, and flakes are more noticeable in real life, the flakies give it a nice glow in certain lights ^_^ I think this is my best gradient to date :]

Almost Christmas!!! :D


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