Friday, 30 December 2011

MUA - Shade 19 Swatch

Another quick swatch today of a polish from November. The colour's like... really milky coffee, that's the best explanation I can think of hehe. I really need to see what it looks like compared to my other nude colours, as I think this might fall on the Taupe side of things. I'm looking forward to using it with gold though ^_^

This was two buttery coats :] It's just a shame that on this bottle the brush is all sorts of messed up, so it's more difficult to use. But for only £1 I can't complain :P


  1. I find the brushes on MUA polishes can be a bit of PITA sometimes, which is a shame because the clours and formula are usually lovely!x

  2. Yeah the other two are fine, just this one has a crack just before the brush, and it's basically two brushes in one now! x


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