Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Beauty UK - Peach Melba & Purple Double Stamping

Still on the mission of powering through some mani's from the "vault" so today we have some summery nail stamping. Double stamping on super shorties.

I started with a base of Beauty UK - Peach Melba, which was a little tricky if I'm honest, and I think I should've spent an extra pound on the Barry M, and had a friendlier brush to deal with. The base is two coats, then stamped with Max Factor - Fantasy Fire and Bundle Monster BM20, and then Barry M - Indigo and Bundle Monster BM08.

Base Coat: CND - Stickey
Base Colour: Beauty UK - Peach Melba
Stamping Colours: Max Factor - Fantasy Fire
                             Barry M - Indigo
Image Plates: Bundle Monster BM08, BM20
Top Coat: Models Own - 3 In 1
I'm a little gutted that this is the only decent photo I got of these, It was so so hard trying to capture a photo of the shift sparkle going on in Fantasy Fire, but trust me it was there. It almost looked like little veins of sparkly goodness when I moved my fingers. That may be a gross description, but it's the only one I've got :P

And here's two shots of Peach Melba.
This is probably the truest representation of colour.
Such a pretty polish, just like all those pretty peaches around though, but a bargain at £1.99.


  1. Peach Melba is gorg! I love the stamping!

  2. This is super sweet, well stamped!

  3. love the purple with the pink! soo pretty!

  4. I love the stamping of two different shades of a similar color. Looks very cool.

  5. great mani.. love it! that peach is awesome

  6. Really cute. Love the colours, love the patterns :)

  7. wow what a beautiful color base! :) love the stamping Jen hugs*

  8. I love your stamping here :) The colors are so pretty!

  9. sweet and gentle, love it :-D

  10. I agree with drinkcitra - your stamping and colour combo in the first pic are stunning. Thanks for showing.

  11. Lovely mani hun. I had to laugh when you said about the veins of sparkly goodness x :-)

  12. Sorry I am 1000s of posts behind! Am slowly catching up! This is gorgeous!

    1. Me too! I've just got into yesterdays posts, after being 4 days behind, I spent all day yesterday reading! Thank you :]


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