Saturday, 24 August 2013

Born Pretty Flocking Powder Review

Hi all - It's Saturday! Yay!

Today I have a review for you that is long long long overdue, just like a lot of reviews I have left to do.

The Born Pretty Store kindly sent my some items for possible review, and first up I have this Flocking Powder.

I'm very late to the party with regards to flocking powder and velvet nails mainly because I thought the texture would really annoy me, but I got used to it after about half an hour. I only wore these for a couple of days, so I can't really say much for how they would have lasted, but I really enjoyed wearing them. They were quite striking.
This powder can be bought by clicking here.

I found it so so easy to use, although I think I was a little slow on the mark to put the powder on my nail, So I have a few spots that don't look so fluffy, but that will be easily remedied next time. Have you tried this trend?

And here's the other goodies:

I've already used the glitters once, but not for a glitter bomb, and I'm dying to try the stamper, as I've been wanting to get a small sided stamper since I started stamping!

That's all for me today, I'll be back on Monday with something more than likely :]


  1. I just tried flocking powder for the first time the other was unexpectedly easy!

    1. I need to try it again soon like! I loved the look of it!

  2. I've never tried flocking powder, because I use a lot of hand cream, and I imagine it'll be quite weird after only a few times of moisturising :)

    1. Yeah I think it would end up being a bit weird after moisturiser!

  3. I ve never had this on my hands:-)
    It looks really pretty in this colour:-)
    How does it work with washing your hands and rubbing them with a towel afterwards...?
    How long can this last?

    1. Washing and drying seemed fine, but I use a lot of alcohol gel too. But not sure how well these would last after a few days.

      I'm sure there's bound to be some wear tests out there :] x


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