Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lovely Plugly Custom Plug Review

Hi all! Happy Saturday!

Boy do I have a treat for you lot tonight! 

I was recently contacted by Lovely Plugly Custom Plugs about reviewing a pair of their plugs, and needless to say I squealed in delight and jumped at the chance! I've wanted to buy some plugs from this company for quite some time now, and when I got the email from CJ I actually had several designs bookmarked for my Christmas list, although that didn't help me decide any quicker!

Lovely Plugly is run by one ex-IT contractor, and a tattooist, so customer service is very important to them. I think the greatest thing about this company (obviously apart from their amazingly pretty plugs) is that they take custom orders, and are always open to new suggestions. They also a great range of earring studs in most of the plug designs. 

Another thing I love about their website is how easy it is to create your plugs. You simply find a design you like, choose the size and style from a drop down, click on your preferred choice of colours, and choose how you want to front of your plug to look from four options.

Now, onto the plugs I chose!
Here's the beauty in my ear.
I chose Alien Skin - Psychedelic Breakfast and ordered them in 10mm double flare, with a glass domed front. I can't even express how happy I am with these. I thought they would be heavier, and something about the quality just really agrees with my body.

I usually wear silicone tunnels with little plugs in them, as they are comfortable, and don't make my ears sore. But when I wear different material, steel especially, I can only wear them for about 3 days before I notice my ears feeling a bit uncomfortable. These bad boys have been in my ears for over two weeks now, I've taken them out as I would my silicone plugs to clean them, but I've had no problems at all. I think it's because the little steel eyelet is filled with a lightweight resin, and is then topped with the slightly heavier glass, and just the quality in general.

Here's some more shots! Even though these don't even do them justice. I've had so, so many compliments on these.
I still can't fully get over how gorgeous these are, I honestly have glanced in the mirror 50% more in the last two weeks just to see them sparkle, especially at work, where the crazy bright lighting makes them ah-mah-zing!

Here's how my little package arrived:

Adorable right? They also sent me a necklace as I think they're venturing into other jewellery and are trying out ideas. This piece is a little bit big for me, but all is forgiven because of how effin amazing it looks. I think i'd buy pretty much anything with this sort of effect.

For polish lovers with stretched ears.. you're going to be in heaven, go check them out! So much glittah! But don't forget they do really pretty stud earrings too.

My bank account is going to suffer greatly from my future adventures with this company *Buy alllll the plugs!* I've already got 3 more designs bookmarked =3

Thanks again to CJ at Lovely Plugly Custom Plugs for sending these for review consideration.


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