Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Kiko - Light Grape & Sally Hansen - Purple Diamond With Stamping

Hi all.

Hope you're having a good Tuesday. This was going to be a scheduled post but i'm off work today as I'm feeling icky :( So i'm snug in bed watching the snow coming down :]

On a happier note.. I have holographic goodness for you today! First up is the stamping and then I'll show you the swatches. No sun shots i'm afraid, so just lots of blurry photos trying to capture the holo with only a flash!
Base coat: CND - Stickey
Base Colour: Kiko - Light Grape
Holo: Sally Hansen - Purple Diamond
Stamp Colour: BYS - Black Satin
Image Plate: Dashica Big SpD-A
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails
Above is one coat of Sally Hansen - Purple Diamond over two coats of Kiko - Light Grape.
How pretty is Light Grape?!

But yeah, I hope you're having a great day :]


  1. Love it!
    Your stamping ideas are soooo out of the box ;)

  2. Very pretty! Purple holos are so beautiful :)

  3. This is awesome - I love the polishes and the combo!

  4. I just took off a purple holo fest! I am loving this one! I need to use that stamp!

    1. Can't wait to see it, I love a purple fest, or a holo fest!

  5. that is really beautiful! love that purple! and holo! awesome!

  6. This is lovely! I'm mesmerized by the pattern and color :)


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