Saturday, 5 January 2013

2true Crystal Nail Polish Review

Hi all! Happy Saturday!

At the start of December I was approached with the opportunity to review some nail polishes for a company called 2true. 2true is a UK brand and you can find out more about them and their products here. You can buy their products in any Superdrug store and online.

I was sent 6 polishes to review, and today I have the first three for you. which are all Crystal nail polishes. These dried in a good time, and have an incredible shine to them. The formula is foil, lovely multicoloured sizes of foil flecks, that give the finished look a little hint of duochrome without a wild shift in colour.

First up is Miami (Shade 7)
 This is two coats, no top coat. Look how glossy this is in the shade! 2true Crystal nail Polish Shade 7 is a bronze based foil that looks very warm in sunlight, and gives off a lovely cool rose gold flash in the shade.

Next up we have Rio (Shade 9)
Above is two coats, first pic in the sunlight, second in the shade. This is definitely the warmest toned polish of the bunch I got sent to try. Shade 9 is a lovely warm brown bronze, with a gold shift.

Next up is probably my favourite from these three polishes.

This is St.Tropez (Shade 10) a really gorgeous cool grey-brown base with blue, bronze, and gold flecks. This is my favourite out of the bunch because of the mix of colours, I love the fact that from afar you can still see that they're not all similar fleck colours. The polish flashes blue quite a bit when the light hits, and it sometimes looks a purple too. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to get any sun shots of this one.

Shade 7- Miami, Shade 9 - Rio, Shade 10 - St.Tropez
Taken with a flash. And for funsies I swatched them side by side, and with OPI - Warm & Fozzie as a comparison.
L-R: Miami, Rio, St. Tropez, OPI - Warm & Fozzie (in the shade)
In the sunlight
 Hope you're all having a good Saturday! I shall be back tomorrow with the first Adventures In Stamping challenge in 2013!

**These products were sent to me for consideration of review**


  1. Really sparkly!
    St Tropez is gorgeous! ;)
    Love the shades in you!

  2. oooh, these are pretty, will have to keep an eye out for them in Superdrug.

    1. You should, there's a purple one too that looks rather tasty!

  3. Wow, they are gorgeous, St Tropez is my favourite too : )

  4. They aren't really my shades, but I *love* the shimmer!! Wow!

    1. Not my shades to wear alone, but with all the stamping/layering combos i'm considering I'm sure I'll find many uses for them ^-^

  5. Just like Rainbowify Me - they aren't my colors either, but the shimmer and the shift is fantastic...


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