Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Peach Cow

First of all, thank you to my 12 followers :D! I appreciate it  so much!!!

These are actually from a week or so back, I'm not sure why I haven't posted them until now.

I had been looking for a peach; and for a brown, so I (after going to the Metro Centre for some food) was pretty buzzing when I found these two; for £1.99 each at a small makeup stall  :]

It wasn't until later that I realised the Revlon polish was a scented one, as my boyfriend was the one to find it, and it smells lush!

Base: CND - Stickey
Base Colour: Revlon - Peach Smoothie
Plate: BM222
Stamp Colour: W7 - Suede
Top Coat: China Glaze - No Chip Top Coat

This picture is more colour true


  1. Can I ask where you get your CND Stickey from please? I'd love to give it a try!

    Just can't beat W7 polishes either, I haven't tried stamping with them but I will now!x

  2. I bought the normal sized one here:


    But when that runs out I think i'm going to be buying the Mahoosive one.

    & W7 are the boyo - I need more!

  3. When I saw the title I said,"what,Peach Cow?" I like the stamp. It's so cute. Did you have that stamp in mind when you picked up those colors?

  4. Not at all, this was the day after I'd bought them, and I was just trying the brown for stamping animal prints, and had just tried the Revlon colour.
    I just happened to really like the combination.

    Sheer luck :]

  5. Thank you, \i'll check it out!x

  6. Thank you, \i'll check it out!x


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