Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lilac & Lemon

Hardly the "Purp & Yellow" I've been trying to achieve these past few months *Saint's Row P urple* ( I love that game & that purple is my perfect purple.) But I was inspired via Chloe's Nails. I used to use tape when I was about 14; but just to tape off the corner, to create a diagonal tip, never; ever thinking of cutting the tape into thin pieces to create stripes, or a burst/shard effect. She really is incredible. I hope that I some day have the technique she possesses, never mind the tape, just the perfect polish!

Tape Mani
Barry M - Berry Ice Cream

& Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream

After doing thisIi realised I probably should've used the yellow as a base, but as you can see the yellow shows through some of the lilac. So I'm not a massive fan; but I still like it.

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