Thursday, 11 October 2012

Leopard Print, Crosses, Gradients & Studs

Hi all, happy Thursday! I'm one follower away from 501, and my next giveaway ( I started following myself recently) yay!

Today we have some nails that I loved wearing, so so much, these made me feel a bit like a bad-ass :P

I started with a base colour of Beauty UK - Soft Grey, and created gradients on all my fingers using three other colours, Gosh - Berry Me (index), Barry M - Gold Foil (thumb & ring) and W7 - Black ( middle & pinky) I then stamped over my ring, and index nail in BYS - Black Satin using Konad M57. I added a stripe of black down my thumb, added studs, and added some crosses made of striping tape to my middle and pinky fingers.

A couple of days later I added in some dots to the stamped nails in opposite colours, which was the original plan, but I was doing these for a "night out" & I didn't want to mess them up.
What I used:
Base Coat: La Femme
Base Colours: Beauty UK - Soft Grey
                      Gosh - Berry Me
                      W7 - Black
                      Barry M - Gold Foil
Stamp Colour: BYS - Black Satin
Image Plate: Konad M57
Gold Striping Tape
Silver Round 2mm Studs
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails
Above is the added dots,and below is the thumb :]

And a picture of the sponged base for good measure, ignore the chip in the index (thank god I have a replacement CND - Stickey in my little mitts now :D)

What do you guys think of these? I'll definitely be doing this sort of mix and match again, or maybe even this design again.


  1. These a crazy cute! I love the studs!

    Jazz x

  2. Love the thumb nail! I need to get my hands on some studs.

  3. This is fantastic! I love all of it!

  4. Ooh these are hot! I love that you added studs!

  5. This is really a bad-ass mani! Love everything about it ! ;)

  6. I love the mix and match colours they are great :D Loving the thumb!

  7. I love similar but different manicures, it means I can use more colours and try more designs. It's a pain only having 10 nails sometimes.

    1. I love it too! But I hate not fitting things into the labels on Blogger :P It is a pain only having 10 nails some times xD

  8. so freaking stunning! wow , one of my favorite manis from you!


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