Thursday, 15 November 2012

Pink, Flakies & Reptile Skin Water Decals

Hi all! Happy Thursday!

I so cannot wait for the weekend to come around, my last amount of time off I spent doing preparation for my assessment, and writing up a butt-load of stuff for my interview, not had an alarm free day at all! So this weekend I'm gonna get up when my body tells me to, and be all super organised with the blog :]

These are from a few weeks ago now, and something about them screams 90's to me. Maybe it's the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air colour theme.
Base Coat: La Femme
Base Colour: Essie - Tour De Finance
Flakies: Golden Rose Scale Effects ( I can't remember the number!)
Water Decals: WDBLE974
Top Coat: Rimmel 60 Seconds Clear

These were sent to me to review what seems like an age ago now, but I just didn't know how to use the sheet. They're from KKCenterHK which sell a huge amount of nail art goods, as well as other things like eye lashes. What I will say is that the comic water decals I've used here, here, and here, were a lot easier to work with, and when handled loads they didn't start to tear unlike these this type. Though I did faff on a bit trying to get them centered. You can buy this reptile skin sheet water decal from here.

Anyways, these were super easy. Base coat, flakie coat, and then I used craft scissors to cut the water decal into zig-zag strips before using them.

If you're interested in anything in the store use coupon code: goldspecknails for 10% off, this code is valid until January 31st, 2013.

*This product was sent to me for review


  1. These look so cool! You did an awesome job using the sheet!

  2. 90's? 80's! The neon pink! lolol
    But it turned out really festive and screams energy!
    Great plans for the weekend! Glad to ear that! :D

  3. Great decals - and you created a beautiful mani!

  4. I looooove how you used the water decals! It looks so cool :D I will buy them, just to do this mani :D


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