Monday, 29 August 2011

LA Color Static Electricity & Bundle Monster

Another quick post today, I haven't posted in what feels like an age, and I just haven't had the motivation while coping with these dreaded dogs ¬_¬ But I'll be back to posting regularly and doing my nails without hassle in a day or two. I really can't wait to go home, I've had more than enough time with these dogs. I want my own bed, and my kitties!

This stamp just reminds me of the old school Pepsi sign.

Base Coat: CND - Stickey
Base Colour: L.A. Color - Static Electricity
Stamp Colour: China Glaze - Millennium
Plate: BM206
Top Coat: China Glaze - No Chip Top Coat


  1. I hope you get to see your kitties soon! I love this stamp!

  2. Tomorrow Hopefully ^_^

    Thank You Both :]


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