Friday, 5 August 2011

Rasta Aztec

 I've been dying to try the Aztec image on the Bundle Monster plate 221 and I was happy as larry to stamp it in black over a nude base colour, but the other half convinced me to use a few colours. I was doing this in my crappy bedroom lighting.. at about 11pm so I didn't really think they'd come out looking Rasta, using a turquoise and pink, but I liked them anyways :]

Here's what I used. Left - Right:
CND - Stickey
Sally Hansen - White On (not pictured)
Miss Sporty - Hip Pop
Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream
Beauty UK - Turquoise Shimmer
BYS - Black Satin
China Glaze - No Chip Top Coat

 I started with my base coat, and then did one coat of white so the yellow would be a bit more opaque (it's a bit thin). I then used the yellow to paint a strip down the middle of the nail, when that was dry I used a piece of tape to tape off the yellow from the other sections to get a crisp colour line, and then I painted them too, using turquoise and pink. In the end I did two coats of each colour, so the white wasn't really necessary. I then stamped the aztec design using my favourite black, trying to get the lines to match. And added a top coat.

I went to bed before these were fully dry ;( they needed another top coat in the picture. Woops.

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