Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Blogiversary! Yay! & Giveaway For You All, Yay!

I was going to do this when I reached 200 Followers, but I didnt' have anything organised, and I'm lazy, so I thought why not wait until my Blogiversary!

Happy Bloggy-Birthday to me!

It's crazy that it's only been a year, but I have everyone that reads/comments my blog to thank. Without knowing that someone/anyone is visiting or looking, it's horrible to try and motivate yourself to carry on. These days of course; It's all gravy. Checking my blog after I've done a post and seeing a few comments is awesome. I love reading what you guys have to say!

Anyhoo! Enough rambling, the prizes aren't really special, there's only one Spring colour, but it's free shit.. so you can't complain can you ^_^

Colours Are:
Mememe - Rich Rust
Rimmel - Golden Totem
Rimmel - Hard Edged
Rimmel - Midnight Blue
NYC - Pier 17
NYC - Black Lace Creme
Barry M - Peach Melba

A Revlon Nail Growth Treatment
& Gold Nail Wraps Which are much more gold in person than in this photo, they're just so damn shiny!

Please Google some swatches of these, there's some gorgeous colours in there that just don't show up in the group shot :] All prizes supplied by the great Scottius ;]

Giveaway Now Closed! :]


  1. how about ass your REAL blogaversary present you get rid of these flippin captchas lol xxxx love you

    1. Really??? I thought I didn't have any!!! *Must hunt a way to get rid* ;(

  2. Congrats!!! That's awesome-mine is coming May 4-I have something AWESOME to giveaway! Think stamping.....

  3. Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for the giveaway!


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