Tuesday, 7 February 2012

OPI Muppets Tape Mani

Just a quick post tonight. I've been up since six this morning, with not much sleep during the night, and I've spent probably 6 hours travelling. So I'm super pooped. But tomorrow after I fill in an application for an interview on Friday I'm gonna catch up on my reading list again and sort another post :]

I've never done a tape mani like this before, and it was quite fun, I enjoyed it for a day, but I think any longer and I would feel like I would get bored of it, maybe just because of this colour combination, but who knows!

Base Coat: Nail RX - Stuck On You
Base Colours: OPI - Designer... De Better
OPI - Wocka Wocka!
OPI - Excuse Moi!
Top Coat: China Ghip Top Coat

And because Designer... De Better is so damn hard to capture here's three pictures. It's such a gorgeous polish! I love the bronze flecks in this foil. Nommm! The bronze may be seen better in the bottle.

Night night!!


  1. I love the mani. And the swatches. Beautiful!

  2. Get a good night's rest! Love the way this tape mani turned out! The colors look great!

  3. This is your first tape mani? Wow...it came out super well! You should see my first tape mani :(
    I love tape manis (because I'm crap at freehand) but the biggest downside is the in-between waiting time.

    1. Noo, I probably worded that wrong! It's my first tape mani for doing this pattern on the tips, I have no idea what it would be called though.

      I used to use tape to do diagonal half and half way back in the day when I was a kid! But the dry time does suck!

      Sometimes it just looks so much better with a crisp line, and no one can acheive that with freehand hehe!

  4. This is really cool! You are really doing some great designs lately! I'm impressed!

  5. Beautiful mani! I love your lines!

  6. i love this mani and your pictures!!! awesome

  7. this is f***in awesome honey - love it LOTS and will be copying it very soon hahahhahahahah xxxxx

  8. so funny that i looked at this post! looks like what i just did on my twinsie post .. lol but mine is sideways! i wished i knew about your blog sooner! i would of copied you and did it on the tip! it looks 103940238423 times better than mine .. lol


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