Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentines Nails - We Stamp On Sundays

This weeks challenge over at Adventures In Stamping was Valentines nails, I had other ideas for this challenge but these just happened hahaha.

Base Coat: Models Own - 3 In 1
Base Colour: La Femme - Pink Creme
Shimmer: Max Factor - Fantasy Fire
Stamping Colours: Konad White, & Konad Wine Red (Possibly!)
Image Plate: Konad M56
Top Coat: Models Own - 3 In

I really didn't feel like posting these. It's one of those mani's that you just hate as soon as you see the photos you're meant to be posting :P I guess this is what happened when I try to do my nails hungover! The only reason I did this post in the end is because I only missed the first challenge, and I don't want to feel like i'm letting myself down by not posting.

So far (excluding this week) I've had a lot of fun doing these challenges. It's nice to have a certain aim to think of when pulling out polishes, rather than just slapping something together xD

My brain really is not working yet, and I still have to do my nails for what will be the rest of the week, and pack for leaving tomorrow. So it's not going to be an overly fun night as I have no idea where to start! 

Hope everyone's had a good weekend!


  1. awwww, these are just the cutest!!

  2. I like this! But I know what you mean about not liking a mani. The stamping I did last night was a disaster, idk if it's worth taking pictures of! Anyways, this mani is lovely! I esp love seeing that bow image! Why don't I have it yet =P

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you know what I mean though :]

      & you should get it! I seriously need more bow images as I haven't remotely tried to do them free hand :P M59 is on my bow lust list ^_^ hehe

  3. I think they turned out cute even though they were done while you were hungover lol! Really cute :P

  4. I think they turmed out really great! So cute :)

  5. WOW awesome Hangover mani.. love your stamping :)

  6. Love the hearts, they are super cute!

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  8. Hi, I nominated you for 2 awards, if you want you can pick them up on my blog

  9. These are really pretty! I love them!


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