Sunday, 21 October 2012

Halloween - We Stamp On Sundays

Hi all! Things may be a little quiet on the blog front in the coming weeks. I have quite a bit on my mind at the minute, and quite a bit of change coming up; and I'm finding it hard to stay focused on pretty much anything.

This weeks' challenge for Adventures In Stamping was Halloween! Now when I started painting my nails for these I didn't really have a plan, and this is why they turned out so pants in the end lol. I should have left them with just the barbed wire.
Pumpkin: Konad M13
Konad Special White, Essie - Orange You Glad
I used white first, scraped; added orange over the white, scraped and stamped
Base Coat: CND - Stickey
Base Colours: Gosh - Holographic Hero
Rimmel - Celebrity Bash
Rimmel - Black Satin
Stamp Colour: Miss Sporty - Electric Beige
Image Plate: Bundle Monster BM323
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails

Here's the sponged base.


So hopefully I'll have the giveaway up tomorrow, so there's one good thing to tell yous :]


  1. Gahh the gradient looks so gorgeous! and the added nail are makes it even more gorgeous! I love love love it!

    Jazz x

  2. Beautiful gradient!!
    The pumpkin also looks good :)

  3. Aww, this is so gorgeous, really beatiful color choice too!

  4. I love your gradient - it's really cool.

  5. the gradient is gorgeous!!!!!

  6. Uh! liked a lot gosh with red! You still in time to try another halloween many!:p

    1. Awh thanks! I have only one more Halloween mani that is ready, but my i'll be posting the nails I actually wear when I get dressed up :D

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  8. I really like how this turned out! But more than that, I love the way you presented it, first showing the finished mani then taking us back step by step to show how you arrived there. It felt like I was watching you peel back each layer, going back in time to show the process. Awesome. :)

  9. What an awesome gradient! And the added nail art makes it looks so cool! Love, love, love it! <3


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