Sunday, 12 January 2014

Born Pretty Store Review - Holo Shade 12 & White Stamping Polish

Hi all. Hope you've all had a good weekend like I have so far :]

I've been putting off doing this review for weeks now as I've not managed to see a single scrap of sun on my days off when I've had a chance to swatch this polish. And as you all know, holographic polishes must have sunlight photos, or else they don't make me fall in love or make my face look like this: *.*

The Born Pretty Store were kind enough to send me this lovely holographic polish in shade 12 which is a gorgeous greeny-teal. They also sent me some stamping polishes to try, and for the testing of these below I used the double ended stamper they sent me the last time.
Born Pretty Store Holo Polish in Shade 12

Just so pretty! The formula on this is really great, and I'm really impressed with the drying time. I feel with Holos they're either super speedy, or deceptively slow at drying, but this was quick drying, but not so quick that you wouldn't be able to stamp using it (I have major difficulty trying to stamp with Gosh - Holographic Hero).

When trying the white stamping polish they sent me I noticed a few things; the formula is very good, stickier than most stamping polishes I've tried so it really gets to the edges. The downside of this polish that it's just not as white as Konad White (ring finger) but it's a really good polish if you're looking for a manicure that's not as harsh. I'm yet to try the black, but I will be testing that out soon.
Base Colour: Born Pretty Store - Holo Shade 12
Stamping: Born Pretty - White Stamping Polish, Ring finger - Konad White
Image Plate: Bundle Monster - BM406
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails
 As you can see it really can't compete with Konad White, but it does give a very different look, so I will definitely be using for future manicures. Using the double ended stamper was an experience.  I have no idea now how I managed to live so long using the small Konad stamper. The double ended stamper is just much more comfortable to handle, and it definitely gives a lot more control when rolling across the nail, almost because it's longer you have to use less pressure because of the leverage.  I haven't compared it to my Konad stamper, but I feel no need as it stamps perfectly.

And for good measure heres' a shot of the very pretty shade 12 with a flash.  This is from a few weeks ago when I was hovering by the window most of the day trying to catch the sun!
Born Pretty Store - Holo Shade 12
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*These products were sent for possible review*


  1. Love the holo polish! yep the white doesn't look as sharp as konad, still it looks like it stamps pretty well x

  2. absolutely beautiful holo.


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