Sunday, 16 February 2014

Nicole by OPI - Candy Is Dandy Swatch

Hi all

Sorry I've been a little MIA recently (again?!) myself and my bestie got re-motivated to start up our weight loss/fitness mission again, and finally reach out last goals. We actually joined a gym, so a few times a week (or more if i can muster the energy) will be dedicated to gym time, so even though I'm pants at blogging already, posts may become even more infrequent.

Today I have a some swatch pictures of the lovely Candy Is Dandy which is by Nicole by OPI.  Candy Is Dandy is a lovely pink polish from the Gumdrops range, It's a sugary pink with tiny little flecks of Silver, with holographic hex glitters (which I didn't manage to capture too well).
Nicole by OPI - Candy Is Dandy from the Gumdrops Collection

And here's a bottle shot where you can really see the holo hex.


Until next time my lovelies!


  1. I am not into pink but I did end up getting this one (I have most of these NOPI Gumdrops, love'em!) and actually wearing it. I did not think to wear it for a V Day mani. I have somehow acquired more reds and pinks than I thought (not a lot compared to my purple holo collection), so I was trying to wear a lot of those last week. :D

    Good luck and keep it up with the gym (this from someone who owns their own elliptical and hasn't turned it on in quite some time). :D

    1. Haha, I'm not that into pinks and stuff either, but then I see a mani with a gorgeous pink and something combo, and they're slowly creeping up to my purple collection!

      Awhh hahaha, thanks!

  2. this is pretty i just dont know how i feel about that finish. Looks great on you.

    1. I love the look of these polishes, but wearing them definitely takes some getting used to!


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