Monday, 3 February 2014

Gradient and Aztec stamping with Cheeky Viva Mexico

Hi guys, hope you've all had a good weekend, I've not had the most productive but I thought that after a very stressful two weeks worrying about the interview I mentioned in last post I thought a long chilled weekend was the best call.  Especially as I've been in a particularly good mood as I totally nailed the interview =D so after I write this post I'm going to watch a film and maybe colour in, carry on the chilling.
Base Coat: CND - Stickey
Base Colours: Cliché - Opala, Alessandro international - Pomegranate
Glitter: Essence - Space Queen
Stamping Colour: Konad White
Image Plate: Cheeky Viva Mexico
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails

Not the best quality pics as these were taken on my phone, but you get the idea :] Here's a picture of the base pre-stamp:


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