Thursday, 3 November 2011

Brown And Gold Peacock

I think I'm starting to wear more Autumn colours now as it's definitely getting colour, and the biggest tree in my garden is almost naked! Although I'm not sure how long I will stay away from bright summer colours, cause I love eye catching nails, but we shall seeee.

I've never been a brown person, though it's growing on me; and back when I was 15-16 would never have even considered wearing it on my nails, never mind clothing. I'm not sure if it's because my taste's changed as i've gotten older, or just becasue I love polish that much and want to try everything out, and then there's trends to consider too. I don't know! Anyhoo, onto the nails ^_^

Base Coat: CND - Stickey
Base Colour: W7- Suede
Stamp Colour: Miss Sporty - Electric Beige
Plate: Bundle Monster 212
Dots: Miss Sporty - Gold Backtage
Top Coat: China Glaze - No Chip Top Coat
And just for good measure a picture of one of my kitties Cheese, who was not impressed with me being up at the windowsill taking up her bird watching space :P


  1. I love brown!! So glad you are trying more of it! I also have this stamp and it rocks!! Nice job! Oh and Cheese is a cutie!

  2. This is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Very unique peacock design :) awh and your kitty is so cute <3 !

  3. Oh wow! I simply love this!

  4. Our Molly has both an observation deck (we sometimes use that to take pics) and a bird dispenser. A couple of birds have sneaked in through a ventilation gap and some days she keeps watch there in the hope that another birdie will come in, lol.


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