Friday, 11 November 2011

Just A Quick Comparison - Barry M - Dusky Mauve & Essence - Love, Peace And Purple

I recieved Essence - Love, Peace And Purple in the giveaway I won in September, and I have been meaning to do a comparison between these two since I got it.

Barry M - Dusky Mauve holds a very special place in my heart, I picked it up by accident while hunting for Mushroom, and because it was around the time I first started seriously following blogs for new swatches and stamping ideas. Also for how awesome the shimmer is. The first time I wore it, all my colleauges complimented me on it. I just love the combination of that murky cool colour with the violet shimmer. Lustttt; even now after a year or so.
Base Coat & Two Coats Of Colour
Index: Barry M - Dusky Mauve
Middle: Essence - Love, Peace And Purple
Ring: Barry M - Dusky Mauve
Pinky: Essence - Love Peace And Purple
I'm not sure about the lighting on this but you can see that there's a slight difference in the base colour but IRL you can not tell any sort of difference. Maybe it's just my monitor

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