Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cute Blog Award

Amanda from Amandalandish gave me this cute award! I don't particularly think my blog is cute, but that owl is so darn cute I can't say no xD

The Rules:
Link back to the person who awarded you
Answer award questions
Share something you haven't shared about yourself on your blog
Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award
Make sure to let those you award know you did so

The Questions

What is your go to makeup product?
Mascara, my eyelashes are pants without it, but I never go without foundation.. Unless walking my friends dogs :P

What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?

Honestly I don't know, I'm not a massive follower of fashion, If double finger rings count, then that would be it lol.

What is your favorite dessert?
Ice cream, Frozen yoghurt. I love lemon grass frozen yoghurt, soo good!

Favorite color?
Purple & Teal.

What is your middle name?
Harriet, after my auntie. It's a weird story, she got put into adoption/foster care or something when she was a kid, and it was only about 4 years ago that we found her, so to speak. And she'd changed her name to Jennifer.

What was the last song you listened to?  
I have no idea..

Cats or Dogs?
Cats! I like both, but I've always had cats so it's just the way it is!

The Share..
Something you guys don't know... Hmm, the tattoo I got on my birthday is actually a matching tattoo with my boyfriend :] His is black and blue, mine is black and pink.

The Cute Blogs:

Polish Amor♥

Jewels and Nails



I decided for this to just randomly pick 4 blogs that I like the look of. I hate picking blogs for these things as I always feel mean to those I don't include, but because last time I was a poo-face and didn't really tag anyone I thought it best if I did this time!


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