Thursday, 5 January 2012

Minted & Skinny Silver Tip

Back to feeling wintery today colour wise! :D I still wish it would hurry up and snow here, as it looks miserable outside! Not as miserable as I feel today though, as I'm coming down with something, my back & joints ache; my eyes are bloodshot and sore, and my throat is pretty nasty feeling. I sounded like such a man when I first woke up :P

Base Coat: CND - Stickey
Base Colour: Revlon - Minted
Tip Colour: Miss Sporty - Silver (Unknown Name/Number)
Top Coat: China Glaze - No Chip Top Coat

I felt like something simple; and felt like a skinny french tip, as many times I do them way too large, but I think this is because I used to tape them off, but I think free-handing is the way to go now ^_^ Though I still need more practice.


  1. I love this soo much! I want this colour every time I wander past the revlon stand.. No longer have a reason not to buy it, I want to try this :D xx

  2. Such a pretty look! I have that polish and I think I've only ever used it once. I love the silver tips with it!

  3. Looks beautiful! I am tagging you for some awards! I will have a post up about it tomorrow! (1/06/12)

  4. I so agree. Freehand is the way to go. I think it looks better than the super straight tape funky! I am so loving this mani! The colors are so awesome together!

  5. This is really pretty! I love the minted polish!


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