Thursday, 12 January 2012

Models Own - Utopia, Pink Striping Tape & Pearls

When I picked up Utopia, I decided to use a pearly blue top coat as well, it didn't really show up too well in photos but you do catch a peek of it at times. The pearly blue colour is a Scarlett & Crimson polish from a set I got a few years back, I can't remember; but I think Scarlett & Crimson is a line produced by Ruby & Millie.

Base Coat: Nail RX - Stuck On You
Base Colour: Models Own - Utopia
Pink Striping Tape & Pearls
Top Coat: China Glaze - No Chip Top Coat


With a flash as it was pitch black outside :] The blue shimmer polish gives Utopia a bit of a sheer shimmer, I like it :]
I always forget how much I love striping tape on top of a creme polish. It's a shiny awesomeness that will never be achieved with polish. I think I'll have to use it more. These were fun to wear, but honestly I only picked up the pearls because I hadn't used them at all since I bought them, months and months ago.


  1. It's so gorgeous!! I bet that would look awesome as an accent nail, too

  2. Very pretty! I ordered some striping tape, hope it gets here this weekend!!

  3. That is so pretty!!! I love the pearls!

  4. Wow!!! This looks so delicate and pretty. I love it!

  5. This is so awesome! I love it!

  6. So elegant and cute!

  7. It looks great.

    I'm sending these Blog Awards to you, do check them out.

  8. I love the pearls, especially in muted colours. Would be great for brides and bridesmaids.


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