Saturday, 21 January 2012

Models Own - Purple Blue Swatch

Just some swatch photos for you guys today and then Stamping Sunday tomorrow, and the theme is stars! Not overly sure if I'm happy with what I've got ready for it, so I might do a different design later :P

Onto the swatches :]


I really love this bad boy, like really really love it, I love the base colour when you can't see the shift too; which is just a plus. Yeah, this flashes purple and blue hence the name, and slightly pink and there's some teal that pops out too. It's awesome :D

Hope everyone is having a grand Saturday :]]


  1. I love how in some pictures it looks ombre!

  2. I love this polish! Purple to black = Awesome!

  3. Really pretty! Love these polishes! I don't own any, but they're all so pretty!

  4. I have this and have yet to wear it! Looks so pretty I need to crack it open!

  5. Wow! So pretty! I am adding it to my wish list. I do not even own this brand!


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