Sunday, 4 March 2012

Using A Plate Ending In 4 - We Stamp On Sundays

This weeks challenge over at Adventures In Stamping was to use a plate ending in 4, I wasn't really feeling up to doing my nails when I did these; so they're a bit boring.

The base colour is a serious stunner though, OPI - Nevermore, which was sent to me as part of a swap from Iris over at Polish Amor. But more on that some time in the coming week ^_^

For this I used three different chrome polishes, a bright and pale pink, and lilac.

Base Coat: Nail RX - Stuck On You
Base Colour: OPI - Nevermore
Stamping Colours: NYC - Foil For You, Foil'er Up, Techno Foil
Image Plate: BM214
Top Coat: Models Own - 3 In 1
Dinged my midle finger again ;(

For my other Sunday challenge mani's, click here. I hope everyone has had a good weekend! :]


  1. Your nails look beautiful! I love how well foils stamp :)

  2. These are really cute! I don't get how u used three colors to stamp? Did u mix all 3 together??

    1. Thank you!

      I usually dot the colours by the image i'm going to use, to fill about the same size of the image. Then scrape that polish over the image I want. And if I don't like the mix of colours; I clean it up, and use what's left on the scraper to get less harsh lines.

      I hope that made any sense!

  3. I've never even noticed this stamp, even though I stare at my plates at least 3 times a week lol it looks lovely :)

  4. Gasp! These foil nail polishes look great! I love the design too!

  5. You used really great colours and cool stamping :) I've actually got this plate but never used it...Ooops!

  6. I love the color combo and design. :)
    And I really wonder why I never used that plate oO

  7. Please come here and do my nails for me. You are amazing!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. this is super pretty! i love it!

  9. Am so loving that base color! So pretty! I feel like you-after my frog mani, my ideas just are lame! My next few posts are just lame!! I hate that!


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