Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Superman, Supergirl, Nails. KKcenterHk Water Decal Review

So a while back I was contacted by Maggie from KKcenterHk about reviewing some water decals, I immediately said I would love to, but it took me a little longer to figure out which style water decals I would like to try as they have so many! After narrowing it down to something like 10 designs, I finally decided on these, and these.
Here we have WDBLE974 and WDDC061
I was so, so intrigued to get my hands on these ones as I'd never seen metallic water decals before. And as soon as I seen the designs my mind started racing with ideas of what mani's I could do! These retail for USD$6.39, or just under £4.
So Shiny!
I cut off the designs I was going use, and them placed them in a shot glass of water. I used tweezers to peel off the design and place it on my nail, patting off excess water with my finger making sure there were no bubbles under the design. I them patted off the nail with a piece of tissue, and continued with the other nails before adding a top coat to seal the decal in. These are unlinke any water decals I've used before, they didn't feel like they were going to break after I peeled them off the backing paper, which has been my experience in the past. I loved these nails, and so did my boyfriend :]
Base Coat: CND - Stickey
Base Colour: LA Colors - Static Electricity
Tip Colour: OPI - Wocka Wocka
KKcenterHk water decals
Top Coat: Model Own - 3 In 1

If you're interested in anything in the store use coupon code: goldspecknails for 10% off, this code is valid until January 31st, 2013.

*This product was sent to me for review


  1. They look cool - perhaps I should try that at some point! :)

    1. They were really fun to do as they were so easy! Thanks =]

  2. Those are so cool!!! I've never used water decals before! Nor have I heard of them! Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. I never used water decals before, only stickers... I guess I should buy some ;)

  4. Such a cute mani! I love the french!! :)

  5. these are so cute! and great color combo

  6. Ooh these look fun to use! I like the ones you chose :)

  7. omg!!! those are super cute!!! i love them, they look awesome against the colors you chose!

  8. This is so not helping my need to try everything lol. These came out freakin amazing!

  9. I loved Superman when I was little so this mani really makes me smile. Super cute!

  10. nooo this mani is so adorable & fun!!! I really love it!!!

  11. This is so precious! You did a great job!

  12. love the look of superhero *.*


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