Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lovely Plugly Custom Plugs Take Two

Hi all!

No nails today, as I don't have any photos ready, but I do however have some pretty pretty plugs for you to gaze upon.

Some of you may remember a review I did for a company called Lovely Plugly, for those of you who don't remember this is the post I'm talking about.

So after wearing these plugs solid for a couple of months payday came around and I really had the urge to buy some more plugs. I decided to buy Alien Skin Small Furry Creatures, which are similar to my first pair of plugs from Lovely Plugly in the way they're made and also some Custom Glitter Plugs with Black Holographic Glitter and Deep Green Iridescent glitter combo.

First up to show are Small Furry Creatures Plugs

How beautiful! I love how I've wore them for a couple of weeks straight when I first got them, and I still look at the pictures in awe.

Next are the Custom Glitter Plugs:

Such pretty depth!
And as a cheeky little bonus the back of these are even sparkly and pretty!

I'll be back Friday with some Pimp'n nails I promise, but for now I hope you enjoyed checking out my latest pretties.


  1. They are so pretty ! I especially love the first ones.
    I just started stretching my ears, at least I try ... My expanders just don't want to go in haha ! I guess my ears are not ready, I'll let them rest a bit and try again later :)

  2. Yeah I think the first ones are amazing too. I couldn't pick a favourite though :D

    Just make sure to do your ears slowly :]


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