Thursday, 20 October 2011

Manhattan Green Piece, Tape Mani, Matte, & Flakieess!!!

I was taking photos of a swatch of Green Piece when I made plans for the next day, so this mani was just a super quick idea so I didn't have plain boring nails xD I Did two coats of Nubar over the green, and then taped off the area to paint black. BYS - Black Satin is the only black I use for Konad/Bundle Monster, and the only black I use for 1 coat opacity. Love iiit.

Base Coat: CND - Stickey
Base Colour: Manhattan - Green Piece
Flakies: Nubar - 2010 - G188
Black: BYS Black Satin
Matte: Rimmel Pro - Matte Finish
I do wish i'd done the black a little skinnier, so they were more like snake eyes, but I like the look in the end.
Two Coats Manhattan - Green Piece
And here's the look In gloss.


  1. I love that green! The final mani is so cool! I love this a lot!

  2. Matte flakies with a "V" moon = awesome!! Very this idea!!!

  3. Man I love me some matte flakies!

  4. looks great! Love the matte flakies effect

  5. oh i love the matt effect on the flacks! this really made me tempted to try out something similar:-) ty for the inspiration:-)!


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