Thursday, 27 October 2011

Frankenstein Mani

I'd been wanting to do these for a while, and did them a week or so back, but never got a photo, so I did them again and only got one good photo (I don't know what's going on with my lamo skills recently haha)

Base Coat: CND - Stickey
Base Colour: Collection 2000 Hot Looks - Mint Mojo
Black & White Acrylic Paint
Top Coat: China Glaze - No Chip Top Coat
I love the little Frankie on my index finger - he looks so confuused! Hehe I'm getting so excited for Halloween now :D


  1. These are really awesome! I love it!

  2. cool. I'm gonna try this. The frankie in your pinky finger looks so proud of himself.

  3. omg that is so cute ><
    i'm not keen of The HOT looks product since the one i bought wasn't long lasting at all & the polish itself didn't last long haha. How long did it take you to finish it? x

  4. Awh thanks :]

    @tainted memories, they only took about 20 minutes, and most of that was waiting for the polish to dry. I have problems wih Hot looks too, I have to keep thinning this one especially every time I use it!

  5. oh this is so cuuute:D!! love it:-)


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