Saturday, 1 September 2012

Essence Nail Colour3 - Boys Are Back In Town & It's Just A Crush, With Konad

Hey everyone! Everyone having a good Saturday?

I'm feeling a bit blah as I write this - I think I've got a cold or something coming on. I'm all stuffy and my ears are itchy. However by the time this posts I might be feeling better, and I'll be either shopping with Amy, or doing her nails :P

Today we have another Essence Nail Colour3 layering. Boys Are Back In Town is a really nice grey purple, I've always wanted a polish this sort of shade, but because it dried considerably darker on the nail I was a little disappointed! It was still a nice colour to wear alone though, but when I added the shimmer/fleck polish (It's Just A Crush) I totally fell in love!
Base Coat: : La Femme
Base Colours: Essence Nail Colour3 - Boys Are Back In Town
Essence Nail Colour 3 - It's Just A Crush
Stamp Colour: Konad Special White
Image Plate: Konad M65
Top Coat: Rimmel 60 Seconds - Clear
Close up of the little flecks. As you can see It's mainly blue/purple, but at times there's some random orange flashes :]
 And some swatch shots of The Boys Are Back In Town for good measure :] The formula was on the thicker side, but was so amazing to work with. and dried a treat too.

I think tomorrow will be the first Sunday that I'm not taking part in the Adventures In Stamping Sunday Challenge, I voted as well (slaps back of hand) but with everything going on here I'm just not going to have the time :( I'm going to feel extremely weird not posting, so I do hope you all can forgive me!


  1. I've got this nail polish but I didn't try it yet
    I think it looks perfect for the winter ^^

  2. I love the final result. It's the flecks, that does it for me, they're super pretty!

  3. I agree when you said adding It's Just a Crush made you fall in love. The combination is great. I love The stamping over it as well.

  4. The flakies on top of your purple base look really great! I love how they're little bitty flakies instead of huge ones!

    1. yeah! Much easier to stamp over, they're all nice and even spread :]


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