Thursday, 20 September 2012

Finaflor - Madri, Glitter & Stamping with Bundle Monster BM 306

Hi all! Happy Thursday!

Quick post from me today, as I write this it's Wednesday night, and all I want to do is sleep as Cheese (one of my cats) decided to wake me up last night, something like, every two hours. I've not been a very productive bunny today!

Finaflor - Madri is another polish that came to me from the lovely Susana of Blog do Verniz Amarelo it's such a strange deep purple, that looks kind of like chocolate at times, it's hard to describe. It's got such an awesome formula too, one coat was full coverage, but two deepened the colour. I really want to try this for stamping, and see what kind of colour it shows as.
Base Coat: La Femme
Base Colour: Finaflor - Madri
Glitter: Etos Nail Effects - 03-04
Stamping Colour: NYC - Foil'er Up
Image Plate: Bundle Monster BM 306
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails
Best colour shot of this :]
Better shot of the glitter

That's all for today! Hope you liked these :]


  1. Bad cheese! It must be also a tabby thing... My gummy does exactly the same thing! crazy cats...
    madri is a strange purple?lolol
    As always... great stamping work!

  2. Ohhh that base color - siiighh - I love the entire mani!!

  3. Girl this is so awesome! I keep fighting stamping over glitter I need to give it up and just do it!

    1. I wish I'd used a thicker top coat before stamping, but you should just try it :]

  4. This is so lovely!

    Now go get some rest lady!

  5. I love this-that base color is stunning!

  6. Oh that Cheese lol
    This is beautiful!

  7. I need to try and stamp over glitter soon! :)

  8. This color is beautiful! I really like how you stamped something over the glitter, makes it look so unique :)


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