Sunday, 9 September 2012

Toxic Or Poisonous - We Stamp On Sundays

Hi all! Happy Sunday! I'm back for Adventures In Stamping Sunday challenge, I'm still a little sad about not partaking in last weeks challenge, mainly as it's caused a gap in my running streak! However, when I saw the vote for this week's challenge, I was so excited and inspired by 'Toxic or Poisonous' that I did my nails as soon as I seen the possible options and just hoped that it was going to win :D

I really wanted to do a glitter jelly sandwich with a neon on top to make it toxic looking, and was going to use a green, but then I came across this yellow first :D Originally I wanted to stamp an apple in red, but I found out I had no apple image, and remembered I didn't buy a Konad Red, and Quick Brick didn't really work over the glitter. So I went with the only other image I wanted to use, the mushroom on Bundle Monster BM 302. On to the pics!
Base Coat: La Femme
Base Colour: Essence Nail Colour3 - A Walk In The Park
Jelly Colour: YSSY - Not Named
Stamp Colour: Konad Special White
Red: Nail Art Pen
Image Plate: Bundle Monster BM 302
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Advanced - Hard As Nails
 I seriously adored wearing these (even though the mushrooms are backwards), but as I've been putting this post together and glancing at thumbnails these really remind me of poker, like a poker table or something :P

Here's a swatch of the base Essence - A Walk In the Park, then with Essence Twins Glitter Topper - Clyde, and I thought I had a shot of YSSY over it before top coat and stamping, but I can't find one!

Trust me when I say these square glitter pieces are awesome, they shine on the nail like in the bottle, anddd a little bit of holographic shows through the coat of YSSY neon yellow.

Here's what I used:

I love how evil the outlined bunny on that plate looks :P

Well I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far, I am going to spend my Sunday evening trying to play catch up on my reading list (yet again). I'm constantly 5 days behind, and that needs to change!


  1. This is so cool! I love the concept behind the design and how it turned out :)

  2. LOL, cool mushrooms, they do look kind of poisonous tho - but as I said, fun and nice!

  3. This is awesome! I love the depth on the mani and the evil little shrooms came out perfect. ;) I also did a real life LOL at your evil bunny comment-- it's so true! Look at him! He's EVIIIILLL!!!!

  4. Awesome. Definitely looks poisonous!! :)

  5. These look awesome :) Loving those mushrooms!

  6. Too cute! ^.^ I love that mushroom stamp!

  7. This is so awesome! Like magic mushrooms!!!

  8. I need that mushroom in my live! I loved what you did, very very creative :) Kisses!


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